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Career Coach Navigators

Our student success coaches overall mission is to help students from basic needs to supporting them in their educational and career paths. The success coach and student relationship is one that is valued and building those relationships is what helps continue the foundation of NexStep Alliance.

When a student first arrives at NexStep Alliance, they are often in crisis mode. They’re trying to find a balance between competing interests that include family and home life, undesirable or unfulfilling jobs, as well as the demands of the classroom.

But Goodwill is dedicated to seeing our NexStep Alliance students complete their high school diploma and ESL goals, and our Student Success Team plays a critical role in ensuring students can access resources that will help them navigate barriers outside of the classroom.

Recently, Goodwill Industries International partnered with Coursera to offer a Career Coach Navigator Certificate that adds another layer of support to our Student Success Team’s toolkit. Dariel Pierson and Fahryn Lowry of NexStep Alliance, were among the first to complete the pilot program.

“Understanding more about building a student and coach dynamic is a skill that I can apply in my job every day when working with the students on our campuses,” Dariel said. “Not only does this help with the Student Success Team’s overall mission to help students overcome barriers, but the information can be applied to nearly anyone that Goodwill serves.”

The certificate was a multi-week program that included training to address real-world scenarios students often face and revealed the root causes of those issues to better inform the coaches on how to address them properly.

“The aspect of the training I appreciated the most, was the focus on building relationships with students,” said Fahryn. “In a people-focused organization like Goodwill and NexStep Alliance, it’s critical we develop trust with our clients and students.”

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