2023 Marie Mareda Award Winner: Michelle McNeill

Congratulations to our very own Michelle McNeill, ESL Manager on winning the Marie Mareda Leadership Award!

Michelle McNeill, known for her quiet efficiency, brings immeasurable value to our organization within NexStep Alliance every time she speaks. Michelle goes above and beyond her duties, dedicating hours outside the regular workday to develop the Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) curriculum, elevating our English as a Second Language (ESL) program to new heights. This curriculum has received nothing but praise from instructors, marking it as a true asset to the program.

As a program leader, Michelle stands out. She is an intuitive support provider, offering aid even before it is requested, and consistently empowers her colleagues. Recognized for her exemplary mentoring, she ensures her team is informed, sharing crucial data and experiences, and sending concise communication.

Michelle’s dedication goes beyond work tasks; she exhibits a deep compassion for the ESL student community and the NexStep Alliance team. Whether it’s assisting students outside class hours, deciphering intricate forms for non-native English speakers, or extending her support to overwhelmed colleagues, Michelle’s kindness and discretion never waver.

Her commitment to the ESL program is visible. She has been pivotal in its growth, fostering trust among students and ensuring they receive top-tier education. Furthermore, Michelle leads by example, promoting a culture of genuine appreciation. Her work ethic and unyielding integrity have been the foundation for the ESL program’s success and high student retention.

For her relentless dedication, invaluable contributions, and constant support, Michelle is undeniably deserving of the Marie Mareda Employee of the Year Award.

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