A Transformative Journey

Luis never imagined his life would take the turn it did when he and his wife made the courageous decision to immigrate from Mexico. Their dreams were straightforward: build a better life for their three children, with their bubbly 8-year-old daughter at the heart of it all. For Luis, the desire to become a role model for his children was a top priority.

Fate, however, had its trials set out for him. Luis battled and conquered cancer, standing tall as a testament to his resilience. But 2019 brought unforeseen challenges. The grounding of Spirit’s Airbus 737 was a professional setback, and just as he was grappling with this change, the pandemic struck. The world around him seemed to crumble, through this uncertainty, his wife saw an opportunity. She reminded him of their shared dreams and encouraged him to return to school. Perhaps it was time to chase a different kind of dream.

This led Luis to NexStep Alliance. As a non-traditional student, the environment was unfamiliar, but the warmth and support from the staff made him feel right at home. One person who stood out for Luis was Gage, his math teacher, who seamlessly merged traditional teaching with the virtual classroom. Gage’s dedication and belief in Luis’ potential fueled his drive.

“NexStep was a keystone for my success. You are part of my story now. It would not be possible or easy without all the help and tools for students who want to achieve their goals,” stated Luis.

Luis’s persistence paid off. He completed his high school diploma and ventured further into the academic realm. Enrolling at WSU Tech, he pursued and completed his AA in Engineering and Design Technologies. His academic achievements did not end there; Luis now teaches at NCAT/NIAR, sharing his expertise and experiences with eager minds.

However, for Luis, the journey has just begun. He envisions himself leading the way as a lead engineer, and with a bachelor’s degree on the horizon, he aims not only to achieve professional excellence but also to inspire the next generation of engineers. In his heart, he knows every lesson he learns, and the challenges he overcomes are a story he’s crafting for his children.

Luis’s journey with NexStep is not just an educational one; it’s transformative, from an immigrant father fighting the odds to an educator shaping the future.


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