Thao, a NexStep Alliance ESL student, was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States a few years ago. She began attending ESL classes at NexStep in January of 2022.

At that time, everything was new to her as she adjusted to a new environment and made friends. Her attendance was excellent, and she consistently demonstrated a positive attitude.

“Teacher Michelle has been great,” said Thao. “She has guided me and really helped with anything that I needed here at NexStep.”

Inspired by a presentation from our Student Success team, Thao eagerly embraced the new challenges ahead.

While living in Vietnam she worked as a garment engineer in the fashion industry However, upon exploring different career options, she discovered a strong interest in the IT field.

Thao commenced her IT studies with the IT Essentials course. During this period, she earned the CompTIA A+ and COMP TIA Network+ certifications. Additionally, she achieved the Gold WorkKey Certificate and passed the CIVIC test, she was then able to obtain her high school diploma.

Around the same time, Thao secured a position at CLX Gaming, a computer installation company.

She is currently in the early stages of her career, working towards her dream of becoming an IT technician. Thao plans to continue her studies and professional development.

In partnership with Goodwill and WSU Tech, we provide adult education programs in the Wichita area such as ESL classes.

NexStep Alliance proudly hosts a diverse student body representing over 61 countries in the program that focuses on all levels of English including speaking, reading, understanding, and writing. Our initiatives are designed to eliminate barriers to educational opportunities, empower individuals for employment, and help students just like Thao.

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