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Pearson Vue Testing Center, Wichita, KSProctored Pearson Vue Certified Testing

Do you need to take a proctored certified test at a Pearson Vue Testing Center in Wichita, Kansas? If so, you’ve come to the right place! It is important to note that the Pearson Vue Testing Center runs independently of NexStep Alliance’s adult education services and schedule. 

COVID-19 Update

Our test center provides an environment where candidates can achieve the best outcomes and feel safe. We want to ensure everyone’s safety as the COVID-19 situation evolves. All surfaces and high touch areas are wiped down and sanitized for our candidates safety.

Face masks required for all testing candidates beginning July 1, 2020

Nexstep Alliance requires all testing candidates to wear a face mask/face covering in order to eneter the test center and proceed with scheduled testing. Candidates are responsible for bringing their own covering and will not be allowed to test without one. Examples of acceptable face coverings – face mask, bandana or scarf – all of which must cover both the nose and mouth for the entire time candidate is testing.

About the Pearson Vue Testing Center

Certified Testing Center Wichita KS NexStep Alliance 2

What We Offer

The NexStep Alliance Pearson Vue Testing Center provides a full array of proctored Pearson Vue Certified Testing, including GED, PSI (FAA Exams) and many more! The parking and entrance to the Test Center is opposite of Webb Road, on the West side of the building; enter NexStep Alliance doors, and proceed to the second floor.

Available Tests

Looking to test? Contact Pearson Vue or select one of the tests you are interested in for more information.

Our Partners and Sponsors

To confirm testing times, call us at (316) 677-1150 or contact Pearson Vue directly.

Visit the Pearson Vue Website